About Us



Ikona is an online shop that focuses on providing luxurious and innovative skincare products for at-home and professional use. We are big advocates for skincare and, most importantly, self-care so our goal is to make women feel sophisticated and well taken care of.  


The founder of IKONA is a professional cosmetologist who cares deeply about her clients - a big part of her job is to select and recommend the right products for different skin types and conditions. After moving to Iceland she encountered one main problem - lack of great skincare and beauty products for professional and daily use. This motivated her to look for ways to deliver the highest quality, clinically tested and certified products to her clients in Iceland. 


Have you ever made a visit to a cosmetologist expecting you’ll get a consultation on how to take care of your skin, or aftercare recommendations, but the only thing you got was the procedure itself and now you are still not sure what are the best products and routine for your skin? Have you ever wished that there was a professional cosmetologist you could come to for advice when you have any skin-related problems? Or that you would have someone to consult with when you are not sure what products you should use, because nothing seems to be working and you don’t want to throw your money through the window anymore? 

This is why we created this site for YOU. Our mission is to help you select the products that are perfectly suited for your skin type and condition so you don’t have to worry about what suits you and what does not. Just ask and we will answer! 


We believe that self-care and self-love are crucial in order to live a fulfilling and happy life. We want to remind women that you are allowed to, and it is ok to stop and take a break from the million things you need to do every day and treat yourself - whether it's to go for a walk or use a luxurious face mask and take a bubble bath.


Our products are carefully selected based on our work experience, taking both quality and price into consideration. We want to make sure that the products you order from us are carefully tested, result-oriented and have thorough research behind them. Our selection process means that we can guarantee that every item ordered from us will be of the best quality for your skin.

The variety of our products is wide - we offer everyday face and body care products as well as cosmetic products with medical benefits - cosmeceuticals that help solve any skin problems. We also offer advanced products for skin pampering, such as Gold Beauty Line.

Products available in our store are manufactured using the latest innovations on the market, confirmed by clinical trials, and used by tens of thousands of beauticians and aesthetic dermatologists worldwide.


We value a close connection with the customer, that’s why all our packages are carefully selected, packed, and sent by our cosmetologist. You are special to us and we like to show that with our unique customer experience; the top quality products that you order will be delivered with thoughtfulness and style. From your first visit to the site until you open your package your experience will be filled with quality and love. We want to show how much you mean to us and that is why we always put that bit of extra effort into our packing ritual. Your package should feel as sophisticated as the products you have ordered. This experience is an essential step that will lead you to a more confident, caring, and loving self. 


At our shop, you can also find products for aestheticians for professional use.


Our dream is to create an online skincare clinic where you will get a personalized consultation with a cosmetologist and will get assistance in choosing the best products for your skin. 

We want you to be able to get everything without the necessity of leaving your home. We live in uncertain times and finding something that brings you joy is important because stress can negatively affect your skin.

We know how tricky it can be to choose what’s right for your skin, so our goal is to educate and provide professional consultations.


We know how tricky it can be to choose what’s right for your skin so we are creating a free online skin test that will help you determine your skin type and condition, and will show you the most suited products for your skin.

In the meantime, you can contact us directly if you want a professional consultation with a cosmetologist. 

We appreciate quality, beauty, self-care, and aesthetics just as much as you do, and are here to help you on your journey to becoming a true beauty icon.