Face care

Babor Thermal Spray
A refreshing fine-mist tonic spray for the face and body
2.500 kr
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Babor Rebalancing Liquid
Balancing facial tonic for all skin types
6.380 kr
Babor Enzyme Cleanser
A fine-grained cleansing powder with a keratolytic effect.
4.890 kr
Collagene 3D Medical EMALAN
Hydrogel With Collagen
5.320 kr
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Babor Intensive Calming Cream
A special cream for extremely dry, flaky skin
12.060 kr
Gold Beauty Line Moisturizing eye mask Gold Effect
Intensive moisturizing eye pads
4.780 kr 9.560 kr
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MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova Sensi-Plus lotion
Face tonic for sensitive, irritated, couperose, skin
8.080 kr
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MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova Vegelip
Regenerating and moisturizing cream.
6.590 kr
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Babor Couperose Serum
Specialist for skin that is prone to couperose and redness
12.750 kr
Babor Intensive Calming Cleanser
A gentle cleanser for extremely dry, sensitive skin
5.970 kr
Babor Beauty Rescue Fluid Corone Limited edition
Tripple Action Regenerating Concentrate
9.140 kr
Dermaceutic Foamer 5
Gentle glycolic daily cleansing foam for Acne & Blemishes, Sensitive Skin & Textur...
7.020 kr
Gold Beauty Line Hydrogel Lip Mask
Intensive moisturizing gel pads for a lips
2.390 kr 4.780 kr
Dermaceutic Derma Defense SPF 50 light
DD daily cream with SPF 50 protection for all skin types. Light shade
2.975 kr 5.950 kr
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Babor Cleansing Gel & Tonic
Refreshing cleansing gel and tonic in one
4.170 kr
MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova Anti Acne Drying lotion
Drying lotion - concealer for acne spots
8.080 kr
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MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova Anti Acne Lotion
Face tonic for oily, problematic skin
6.590 kr
Babor Ampoules set "With Love"
24 perfectly coordinated active agent concentrates in the exclusive BABOR Advent C...
9.564 kr 15.940 kr
Dermaceutic Cream C25
Concentrated antioxidant cream for pigmentation, early ageing and fine lines
9.170 kr
Babor Mattifying Protector SPF 30
360° protection against premature skin aging caused by UV and environmental factors.
6.380 kr
Dermaceutic K CEUTIC
Post-Treatment Healing Recovery Cream
6.800 kr
Babor Easter Egg 2021
Set of ampoule concentrates. (14 ampoules x 2 ml)
10.100 kr
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Gold Beauty Line Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Invensive moisturizing serum with hyaluronic acid
3.535 kr 7.070 kr
Babor Detox Lipo Cleanser
Cleansing balsam with a detox complex
10.420 kr
Babor Protecting Balm SPF 50
The lightweight Protecting Balm SPF 50 is quickly absorbed without becoming sticky.
7.440 kr
10.410 kr
5.740 kr
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Medic Control Peel Thriphalan balm
Regenerating postpeel balm
9.560 kr
Babor Renewal Overnight Mask
Rich facial mask with 97% ingredients of natural origin.
6.170 kr
Babor Phyto CBD 24h Cream
Soothing facial cream with cannabidiol (CBD) – 98 % ingredients of natural origin
9.560 kr
Dermaceutic Dermaceutic Active retinol 1%
Age defense serum – extra strength, for mature and sun-damaged skin.
5.192 kr 12.980 kr
Gentle make-up remover for eyelashes and face
3.330 kr
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Babor Moisture Balancing Cream
Light facial care cream for oily/ combination skin
8.080 kr
Babor Mimical Control Cream
24-hour cream to soften expression lines
12.960 kr
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Babor HY-ÖL + Phytoactive Sensitive 2021
Set of hydrophilic cleansing oil and herbal activator for sensitive skin
8.500 kr
MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova Anti Acne Complex
Gel for problematic, oily skin
4.040 kr 8.080 kr
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Medic Control Peel Vegefarma
Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory cream for damaged skin.
6.170 kr
Babor Awakening Eye Cream
A restorative whitening eye cream
6.170 kr
Dermaceutic Mask 15
Oil reducing astringent glycolic mask for oily, acne-prone skin
8.560 kr
Gold Beauty Line Lip sleeping mask
Softening balm for a lips
2.285 kr 4.570 kr
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Babor Calming Bio-Cellulose Mask
Bio-Cellulose Mask for sensitive skin.
7.860 kr
Babor Gentle Cleansing Milk
Specially mild skin friendly cleansing milk.
2.925 kr 5.850 kr
Babor CE Ceramide Concentrate
Intensive regenerating facial care concentrate with ceramides.
8.395 kr 16.790 kr
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Babor Detoxifying Vitamin Cream
Antioxidant face cream with vitamins
18.910 kr
SOFT BROW Exfoliating PEELING / SCRUB 100ml
4.030 kr
Babor Moisture Glow Serum
Moisturizing Serum – 98 % ingredients of natural origin
8.930 kr
Gold Beauty Line Vitamin C serum
Brightening serum with Vitamin C
3.535 kr 7.070 kr
Dermaceutic Dermaceutic Active retinol 0.5 %
Age defense serum – medium strength, for early aging
10.780 kr