Face care

Medic Control Peel Thriphalan balm
Regenerating postpeel balm
9.560 kr
Babor Awakening Eye Cream
A restorative whitening eye cream
3.085 kr 6.170 kr
MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova Anti Acne Complex
Gel for problematic, oily skin
8.080 kr
Babor Calming Bio-Cellulose Mask
Bio-Cellulose Mask for sensitive skin.
3.930 kr 7.860 kr
Ribeskin Ribeskin Epiderm Plus Mask 25pcs.
Post-procedure mask that rapidly recovers damaged skin after dermatological proced...
7.500 kr 10.700 kr
SOFT BROW Exfoliating PEELING / SCRUB 100ml
4.030 kr
Babor BB Cream SPF 20 01 light
Delicate toned face cream with SPF 20.
4.040 kr 8.080 kr
10.840 kr
Babor ReVersive Pro Youth Promotion Set
34 000 ISK Value (27% Savings)! Give the gift of luxury. Exclusive ReVersive gift ...
12.430 kr 24.860 kr
Ribeskin Ribeskin Epiderm Plus Gel 15g, 70g
Post-procedure cream that rapidly recovers damaged skin after dermatological proce...
from 2.000 kr 3.600 kr
Babor Vitalizing Cream Rich
Rich facial care cream to vitalize tired and pale skin.
6.270 kr 12.540 kr
Babor SOS De-Blemish Kit
Multifunctional treatment of problem skin. Healing face cream and zinc powder.
7.440 kr 14.880 kr
Babor Deep Cleansing Pads REFIll
Water-activated facial cleansing pads for deep pore cleansing
2.445 kr 4.890 kr
Babor Argan Cream
Rich, strengthening 24-hour cream
6.165 kr 12.330 kr
Babor Purifying Serum
Clarifying serum for oily, blemished skin.
6.055 kr 12.110 kr
Babor Sensitive Cream
Light facial care cream for sensitive skin
4.040 kr 8.080 kr
Babor Cleansing Skinovage Mini Set
MINI sizes with maximum power! The limited-edition facial care kit is extremely co...
3.440 kr 6.880 kr
Babor Phytoactive Reactivating
Herbal activator for mature, tired skin
2.160 kr 4.320 kr
Babor Phytoactive Combination
Herbal activator for oily, combination skin
2.160 kr 4.320 kr
Babor Pure Cream Intense
Clarifying anti-blemish face care.
2.445 kr 4.890 kr