Body care

Babor Balancing Shower Oil
Nourishing shower oil for the body wash
5.100 kr
Babor Relaxing Bi-Phase Body Foam
Two-phase nourishing and relaxing body foam
8.930 kr
Babor Feet Smoothing Balm
Feet Smoothing Balm is a rich cream for the intensive care of rough, cracked skin.
4.320 kr
Babor Lifting Body Cream
A smooth, anti-aging cream.
10.630 kr
Babor Repair Hand Cream
A rich, nourishing anti-aging hand cream.
5.420 kr
Babor Hand Hygiene Duo
Hand cleansing gel and intensely nourishing hand cream in a duo-pack
1.595 kr 3.190 kr
Babor Shower Gel
A refreshing shower experience.
4.930 kr
Babor Shower Milk to Foam
Skin softening and relaxing shower milk
2.048 kr 5.210 kr
Sold Out
Babor Daily Hand Cream
A light, fast-absorbing, moisturizing anti-aging hand cream.
3.300 kr
Sold Out
Babor Body Souffle
A rich body cream with a soft, melting texture
4.465 kr 8.930 kr
Babor Salt and Sugar Oil Scrub
Balancing Salt & Sugar Oil Scrub removes superficial dead skin cells gently yet th...
6.170 kr
Babor Nourishing Hand Wash Oil
Nourishing hand washing oil
2.125 kr 4.250 kr
Babor Shower Gel
A mild shower gel for a gentle shower experience.
5.100 kr
Babor De Stress & Repair Lotion
It cools, absorbs quickly and supports skin regeneration.
6.380 kr
Babor Body Protection SPF 30
Quickly absorbed, intensively moisturizing body lotion with SPF 30.
8.290 kr