Body care

Babor Relaxing Bi-Phase Body Foam
Two-phase nourishing and relaxing body foam
8.930 kr
Babor Balancing Shower Oil
Nourishing shower oil for the body wash
5.100 kr
Babor Hand Hygiene Duo
Hand cleansing gel and intensely nourishing hand cream in a duo-pack
3.190 kr
Babor Body Lotion
A light anti-aging body lotion with an extract of Sorbus torminalis fruit stem cel...
4.470 kr
Sold Out
Babor De Stress & Repair Lotion
It cools, absorbs quickly and supports skin regeneration.
6.380 kr
Babor Body Protection SPF 30
Quickly absorbed, intensively moisturizing body lotion with SPF 30.
8.290 kr
Babor Body Lotion
A light, cossetting body lotion
5.360 kr
Babor Body Lotion
A smooth, moisturizing body lotion with a floral-woody fragrance composition combi...
5.420 kr
Babor Shower Gel
A refreshing shower experience.
4.930 kr
Babor Peeling Gel-Cream
Creamy / gel body scrub
5.210 kr
Babor Shower Milk to Foam
Skin softening and relaxing shower milk
5.210 kr
Babor Body Sorbet
A gentle, pleasantly cooling gel cream that melts on the skin.
9.140 kr
Babor Peeling Gel
A refreshing and vitalizing peeling gel.
5.530 kr
Babor Daily Hand Cream
A light, fast-absorbing, moisturizing anti-aging hand cream.
3.300 kr
Babor Feet Smoothing Balm
Feet Smoothing Balm is a rich cream for the intensive care of rough, cracked skin.
4.320 kr
Babor Repair Hand Cream
A rich, nourishing anti-aging hand cream.
5.420 kr
Babor Body Souffle
A rich body cream with a soft, melting texture
8.930 kr
Babor Salt and Sugar Oil Scrub
Balancing Salt & Sugar Oil Scrub removes superficial dead skin cells gently yet th...
6.170 kr
Babor Nourishing Hand Wash Oil
Nourishing hand washing oil
4.250 kr
Babor ACE Body Cream
A rich, anti-aging cream.
10.410 kr
Babor Lifting Body Cream
A smooth, anti-aging cream.
10.630 kr
Babor Body Peeling Cream
A smooth, creamy exfoliant with natural peeling grains.
5.320 kr
Babor Shower Gel
A mild shower gel for a gentle shower experience.
5.100 kr